Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Phallosan Extender

What is Phallosan Extender?

Phallosan extender is a penis enlargement device. Phallosan extender was invented in Germany. Phallosan maybe called as soft extender! because it uses a soft mechanism for penis enlargement issue. Phallosan penis extender uses a rubber, Which is very similar to a condom, over the penis. This rubber is called as sleeve. Phallosan extender has 3 type of sleeve named as: L-Sleeve Condom, M-Sleeve Condom and S-Sleeve Condom. All these three type of sleeve comes with original package of phallosan.

One question: Are all men need to take advantage of the phallosan extender? It is obvious that the answer to this question is negative. Men who have a healthy penis, does not need to use the phallosan penis extender. Phallosan traction device is designed to help men who have small penis. Men who have small penis may have difficulty in sexual relations with his wife or may be due to the small size of their penis, can't make his wife pregnant. In this case, it is possible that these men are looking for ways to increase their penis size. Today, there is several methods to increase penis size in the world. Penis extenders are one of the known tools in today's world to increase penis size. The performance of penis extenders is based on stretching the penis. By applying stretch to the penis, penis extenders try to make the penis bigger. It is true that the basis of all the penis extenders are the same, but some of them are different in performance. In the meantime, the phallosan extender is very different than traditional penis expanders like SizeGenetics. Traditional extenders such as SizeGenetics do stretch to the penis only by applying pressure on the glans (penis head), while, phallosan stretcher device applies stretch to the entire length of the penis through a condom-like rubber called as sleeve. Phallosan Extender is designed so soft that a man could wear it for a long time (up to 10+ hours) during the day and night, even when he lies in his bed.

Second question: Did PHALLOSAN® had positive results so far? The research was conducted at a clinic in Germany has shown that phallosan forte has had positive results, also, some customers have submitted reports to the original site of phallosan which shows the success of this penis extender device.

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Phallosan Forte Review

Phallosan Extender Review
Phallosan Forte Review